Randomized controlled trial & Survey Platform for scientific studies

Our RCT Software is designed to help researchers easily design and execute complex experiments while minimizing data-gathering costs. It allows for web-based experiment settings with different treatments/interventions and automated workflows.

School Bus Routing & Scheduling Software

The NRGsurf School Bus Management Software is designed to help Transportation Managers to quickly assign students to buses and plan optimal and safe routes while minimizing the number of busses and routes' lengths.

Transportation System Optimization

We have strong expertise in developing sophisticated algorithms and applications for different transportation systems.

Custom software development

We have strong expertise in developing complex and easy-to-use booking, data storage, processing & visualization tools, and transportation systems' optimization. We also develop and design native and progressive web apps.

Our projects

Survey and intervention platform for large-scale rondomized control trial studies

NRGsurf built a tool that enables conducting large-scale randomized control trial studies with scalable architecture designed to collect data from several dozen thousand users while ensuring high performance. Users can report their energy or water consumption for several weeks and answer questions about their living situation and psychological predictors of electricity/water use. The platform automatically assigns users according to predefined rules to different groups, where they get various interventions. Users might get feedback about how much electricity others in their group are using, how electricity use has changed up to the previous week, or a commitment to reduce energy consumption. The tool also provides subjects with tips and tricks to save energy. 

“I’ve been very pleased with how well they understand what we want and why different aspects are important to us.” Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

School Bus Management Software for the automated creation of routes for school buses

NRGsurf developed a web-based application where transportation managers can bulk-upload the students' home addresses. The tool transforms the address into pick-up points and displays each student on a map (or each family with a number indicating how many children will picked up by the bus).

The software automatically suggests the best groups and routes given the bus size. The tool then allows for various manual changes - if necessarily: pick-up order can be adjusted, routes can be renamed, bus sizes changed, students can be moved to a different bus, late starting students can be added manually, students not added to a route are highlighted on the map. 

"We were able to optimize routes, leading to lower costs." Financial Controller, Bavarian International School.

Mobile application for a wakeboarding camp

Application for boat drivers is a new approach for wakeboarding clubs of any size. In wakeboarding or wakesurfing, it is very important to measure the duration of customers' session precisely and take other parameters into account in order to calculate the price. Our mobile application solves this issue through automation of all processes and helps to save costs and reduce administrative work.

Booking system for a wakeboarding camp

Mobile application for boat drivers is fully integrated with the booking system. The booking system is integrated into the website and customers' mobile application. The booking system exchanges data with drivers' app, for instance, information about customer's preferences, customer's tariff plan and personal discounts. The system also takes into account day of the week, holidays, and daytime among other parameters. Based on these data price can be calculated automatically and the operator of the winch or boat's driver gets a precise overview of all customer's data and relevant historical information. Customers may check all data in the their personal area. Our system is successfully integrated in several wakeboarding clubs around Europe. The goal of the system is to optimise your business processes, save you costs and make your customers happier.

Back-end for a transportation system

Back-end for an app of a transportation system of a German provider. This is an ongoing project which has shown first positive results. The back-end is implemented in an operating system and combines both high performance and reliability. It processes different complex tasks including combining orders, computing the optimal route for the vehicles and choosing the right strategy in order to utilize the vehicles optimally.

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